BedRug, Inc. products are proudly manufactured with a fully recyclable polypropylene composite in Old Hickory, Tennessee. All unusable polypropylene materials from our facility are recycled into pellets that are used in a wide variety of consumer goods. In addition to being completely recyclable, BedRug products do not contain any prohibited or declarable substances on the Global Automotive Declarable Substances List (GADSL).


Unusable materials are those created by the precision die cutting and molding operations (the excess perimeter trim materials) throughout the BedRug manufacturing process. All of the scrap/unusable materials are gathered together and put through a process that transforms them into pellets that are ready for use elsewhere.


Once the pellets have been created, they head over to the storage silos until they get shipped out for use in any number of consumer goods, in the building and construction industries as well as many injection molded plastic products.

The yearly recycled materials output from BedRug is approximately 500,000 pounds of pellets.


1. Trim scrap produced at fabrication


2. Scrap that has just been transformed into pellets


3. Finished recycled product


4. Recycled material storage silos